A desktop companion to the Zoom PS-04 Palmtop Studio, a pocket-sized audio recorder with rhythm sequencer.

This project is still in the development stage, and many features are still missing. Most notably, the initial goal is to be able to read and export projects from the PS-04. Later on, we'll tackle data edit and import.

The application is developed under Linux, but should be able to compile and run under most POSIX operating systems.

Latest screenshot

Screenshot: piano roll view of a rhythm pattern


2007-09-05: Version 0.1.5b released

This release fixes a major regression from 0.1.4, causing audio files not to be loaded. Upgrade recommended. Download it here.

2007-09-02: Version 0.1.5a released

This release fixes one bug, causing compilation to fail if libaudiofile is not installed.

2007-08-31: Version 0.1.5 released

This development version contains mainly much-needed bug fixes, such as the Invalid song name error and missing support for sparse pattern events.

2007-01-27: Version 0.1.4 released

This development version features display and export of audio tracks. Download it here.


The Zoom PS-04 Palmtop Studio is a pocket-sized digital recorder for audio (you can reach their homepage here). GPS04 aims to be a software companion to this gadget, much as Palm Desktop is the desktop companion to Palm(TM) PDAs.


The download page at Sourceforge is right here, and there are some screenshots here.


With every kind of digital recorder, you need a way to communicate with other parts of your studio equipment, to transfer data to other applications or to master a CD. Since the PS-04 has no means of data transfer other than a Smart Media card, and the stored files are in a custom format, you need special tools to read your projects and convert them to other formats. Zoom provides a free downloadable audio converter for Windows - no such tool exists for other operating systems.

Moreover, since the PS-04 is a very small device, it can be difficult and frustrating to try to get an overview of a song project, with all audio tracks, effect patches, rhythms and mixer settings. You have a lot more space on the computer screen to show tracks and parameters.

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